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Teacup Candle – Mismatch

Please choose your unique teacup from our lovely handpicked mismatch range, take your time as we have plenty to choose from.

Once you are happy with your teacup candle choice, go ahead and pick a scent to compliment your teacup and create your very own special teacup candle.



Our pretty mismatch teacup candle range are unique, they are not easily found so many are one offs which would be very difficult to find elsewhere. These come in a variety of scents which are very pleasing and compliment the teacup candle.

Enlighten any room and provide a beautiful looking candle with the added bonus of a very clean burn which does not harm the environment as all of our candle waxes used are soy.

We provide this bespoke service for you to choose a certain tea cup and your very own scent. Your teacup candle will be a great item to have in any room and can be used over and over again so we think you should be able to choose your own scent.

We offer soy wax refills with and without scents, please check them out.
Teacup Soy Wax Refills.

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Parisian Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Hot Chocolate, Blue Coral & Sea Salt, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Salted Bourbon Buttercream, Candyfloss, Bubblegum, Jelly Bean, Lemon Sherbet, Blueberry & Vanilla, Fresh Lavender, Eucalyptus, Baby Powder, Coconut & Lime, Snow Fairy, Parma Violets, Sweet Cherry, Pink Champagne, Tropical, Lemon Grass, Cedarwood, Orange Crush, Rich Coffee